This page is a collection of what I call ODDs and SODs
Some old, some new, some famous, some not so famous
Some rare, some not so rare 
Some unusual, some not so unusual
Some from North America
Most are from other places.
All are interesting
Cars that I just didn't have a place 
to put but thought that
they should be shown none the less
I don't know the year of some of them but hope you enjoy them anyway and like the rest of my web pages you are invited to submit and pictures that you have that could be used on this page



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Over the years man has designed and built many quite different means of transpiration. 
The following pictures show a series of these attempts, some successful and some not.
Most of the pictures are from Europe but not all. So let you imagination run wild and 
enjoy a Transportation Look Back at the Past


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Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window 
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window 
1932 Willys Overland "Barn find"
1932 Willys Overland "Barn find"
This car is owned by Pat Beals and yes they still happen
1981 Triumph TR8
1981 Triumph TR8
This car is owned by Charlie Dooley, Port Coq., BC and was rebuilt by "British Auto specialists in 1995/97
1981 Triumph TR8
Some history. There were only roughly 2,800 TR8s built between 1979 and 1982. 1981 was the last year of any kind of production as they made 414 only. 405 for the North American market and 9 only for the home market. There were a number (around 80 I believe) that were manufactured in late 1981 that were classified as 1982 models. 

These series of pictures were submitted by Michael Litvack,
Montreal. PQ, Canada

These pictures are from a tiny booklet issued in Quebec and  was  given away at the car show at the SHOWMART in 1960. The specs of each car/truck are included in the booklet. These were the smallest cars at the time, true “bubble” cars. I left the French descriptions on, on some of them. Tires were 10 inches on the coupe 400/119 inches long/1015 lbs/2oo ccs. The van and “limousine” were 200ccs/10 inch wheels/915 lbs.

1960 DKW-3 Door Station Wagen
1960 Mini
This car was owned by J. Ward O'Brien, Woodburn, OR This picture was submitted by Paul Black, Tampa, FL

Another series of pictures submitted by submitted by Michael Litvack,
Montreal. PQ, Canada

One of the wildest Jags ever made,
The 1968 Jaguar 420G RHD Saloon
A Czech Tatra, usually reserved for the uppers in the Communist part in Czechoslovakia in the mid 1960's. The Czechs were known for, besides Pilsener, guns and airplanes...and the Tatra, named after the moutain range. Style looks like a cross between 1960 Valiant and a mid 30's Scarab. Trivia note...during the occupation by German troops after 1938,
 Tatra Motors provided the German commanding officers 
with their cars. WHY?
Because they were so fast, that they flew off the road, and killed as many as bullets. The rear fin in the 30's acted as a stabiliser. Trucks are still being made by this historic company,
on a par with Mercedes. Seen in Montreal
MG, probably a TC with the harp wheel openings.
Seen in Westmount, Quebec.
A Replicar of a MG TC or TD, Acapulco Mexico...
the grill is a bit of a stretch...
A 2cv Citroen... The car of choice, when they were cheap...everything was optional on the car...seats were straw. The quick way to determine age is to look at the headlights: the early ones were round, the later were Square. This one was restored in France, and cost about $12,000 to have it done and shipped to Canada.
The not so famous Volkswagen THING
Fiat 500L, This car put Italy on the roads after WW2,
and were cheap to own and run.
Graduation...1961 Renault Dauphin  a tin car with a coffee 
grinder as a motor ! $1600 new, now $16,000. 27 HP, or should 
I say, 27 NO Power. Montreal to Boston return, $10.00, 1961
 Fiat 500F
This picture was submitted by Alan Collinge 
He took the picture in 2006 while on vacation with his wife
in the South of France.

Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window 
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1967 Fiat 1800
1967 Fiat 1800
This car is owned by Mircea  Ursache, Bucharest Romania  
1987 Citroen CV2
This picture was submitted by Kees Koster, Center Burlington, NS  
1981 Talbot Matra Murena
1981 Talbot Matra Murena
This picture was submitted by Kees Koster, Center Burlington, NS This picture was submitted by Kees Koster, Center Burlington, NS
1937 Ford-Miller Race Car
1937 Ford-Miller Race Car
1937 Ford-Miller Race Car
1937 Ford-Miller Race Car
This car is owned by Stefano Landi, Italy.
He found the car  8 years ago in England, It had a wrong engine/transmission, wheels, seats and many other parts.He has spent 5 years to restore it.
The pictures of are from a show in Forlì and an historic race in Teramo-Italy. He is driving it along with his wife.
 1888 Serpollet Tricyle
 1889 DeDion and Bouton Steam
 1893 Jeantaud Raffard Electric
 1897 Daimler
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
Click on this image for a larger view in a new window
1897 Daimler Victoria
This picture was submitted by Harald Frey. The man at the wheel was his great grand uncle in and it was taken in Stuttguart Germany, 1903
The daughter of the man at the wheel says that it was Gottlieb Daimlers personal car and that her father (Friedrich Frey) purchased it from him.
1899 Baker Electric
1899 Renault by Labourdette
1903 DeDietrich by Ettore Bugatti
1905 Ford Model F
 1906 Fiat by Sala
 1906 Ford Model K Roadster
 1906 Ford Model K Touring
 1906 Krieger Laundelet
 1906 Serplooet Steam 15hp
 1906 Vauxhall 14hp
 1906 Austin
 1906 Renault Limo
 1907 Napier
 1908 Gregoire 4cyl 18hp
 1908 Lancia Alpha 24hp
 1908 Zedel 4cyl
 1908 Mercedes GP 120bhp
1908 Nagant Hobson 40hp
 1909 White Steam Touring
 1910 Blitzen Benz
 1911 Bugatti Type 13
 1911 Dedelia 8hp
 1911 DeDion Bouton 1st V8
 1911 DeDion Bouton Roadster
 1911 Delage
 1911 Leon Bollee Berlina
 1911 MB H Labourdette Boattail
 1911 Mercedes Benz 38 70
 1911 MB H Labourdette Boattail
 1911 Mercedes Benz Skiff
 1911 Ohio Electric
 1911 Opel Copue
 1911 Rolls Royce Lawton Limo
 1911 Walker 3 ton Electric
 1911 White Moving Van 30hp 12mph
 1911 Thornycroft 18hp
 1912 AC Sociable
 1912 Adler Model K 15hp
 1912 Delauney
 12 cyl Delahaye Speedster by Franay.
 1912 Hispano Suiza
 1912 Hispano Suiza
 1912 HFS Morgan at Brooklands 60mph
 1912 Lanchester 25hp
 1912 Rolls Royce
 1912 Rolls Royce Hooper Limo
 1912 Rolls Royce
 1914 Rolls Royce
This picture was taken and submitted by Jim Parker This picture was taken and submitted by Jim Parker
 1912 Stutz Bearcat
 1913 American Underslung Touring Car
 1913 American Underslung
 1913 Stutz Touring
 1913 Vauxhall Prince Henry 22hp
 1914 French Aero
 1914 Isotta Fraschini Tipo KM 140hp 650cid
 1914 Isotta Fraschini
 1914 Isotta Fraschini Tipo KM 140hp 650cid
 1914 Mercedes 115PS
 1914 Mercedes GP 4cyl 4.5 liter 112mph
 1914 Morgan Cycle Car 670lbs
 1914 Renault 4 Door Sedan
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo Interior
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo Engine
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo
 1914 Ricottis Alfa Torpedo
 1914 Talbot Weymann Sunshine Coupe 6cyl 45 hp
 1914 AlfaRomeo 20 30ES
 1908 Fiat-LouisWagner
 1914 Lanchester 38hp
 1914 Napier Limo
1922  OM 18bhp
 1915 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
 1915 Zust Torpedo
 1918 Bjerring from Oslo Norway
 1919 Citroen Touring.
 1919 Ford Model W Belgian Speedster
 1919 Hispano Suiza
 1919 Hispano Suiza
 1919 Hispano Suiza
 1919 Hispano Suiza
 1919 Hispano Suiza
 1900's Early Electric Car Hybrid
 1916 WWI  Lorraine Dietrich
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
1935 Stout Scarab
1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab
 1935 Stout Scarab

 1949 Aerocar Flying Coupe
 1949 Aerocar Flying Coupe
 1949 Aerocar Flying Coupe
 1949 Aerocar Flying Coupe
 1976 Checker 6 Door Aerobus
 1976 Checker 8 Door Aerobus
 1925 Vauxhall Windsor Modle 20 Limo 51bhp
 1920 Norwegian A-S Raufoss One of only two built
 1920 Rumpler W-6
 1920 Rumpler W-6
 1920 Rumpler W-6
 1920 Silver Ghost 4 Door 8 Window Sedan
 1920 Voisin Limosine
 1920 Voisin Limosine
 1920s Hispano Suiza Cabriolet
 1920s Lea Francis Coventry
 1920's Mercedes Model K
 1920s Morgan
 1920's RR Dual Cowl Phaeton
 1920's Voisin Sedan
 1920s Lanchester 40hp Saloon
 1920s Rolls Royce
 1920 Stanley
 1921 Mercedes 4cyl 1.5 liter
 1921 Peugeot 201c
 1921 Shefield Simplex
 1921 Rumpler Tropfenwagen
 1921 Rumpler Tropfenwagen Touring
 1922 Bentley.
 1922 Citroen 5-CV
 1922 Citroen 5-CV
 1922 Citroen 5-CV
 1922 Citroen Kegresse Half-Track
 1922 Vauxhall Villiers
 1922 Voisin Torpedo
 1922 Voisin Torpedo Sport
 1922 Vauxhall Vanden
 1923 AC
 1923 Steyr
 1923 Alfa Romeo P1 GP by Merosi
 1923 Austin 7
 1923 Bugatti Type23
 1923 Voisin C3
 1924 Aston Martin
 1924 Aston Martin
 1924 Aston Martin
 1924 Delaunay Belleville
 1924 Hispano Suiza Tulipwood Speedster
 1924 Maybach
 1924 Morris Cowley Bullnose 26hp
 1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Boat Tail
 1924 Voisin C4
 1924 Voisin
 1924 Amilcar
  1924 Amilcar
  1924 Amilcar
 1924 Aston Martin
 1924 Bugatt -Type 35
 1924 Delage V12 GP
 1924 Bugatt -Type 35
 1924 Hispano Suiza Nieuport 115mph
 1924 Roll Royce by Labourdette
 1925 Amilcar
 1925 H-S Touring

 1925 Italia Mdl 61 by Garavini
 1925 Italia Mdl 61 by Garavini
 1925 MG
 1925 Alvis Tadpole 104  41mph
 1925 Delage DIS
 1925 Frazer Nash Fast Tourer
 1927 Alfa Romeo RLSS by Weymann
 1928 Pierce Arrow Runabout
 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 by Young
 1929 Duesenberg Modle J with a MurphyBody
 1929 Vauxhall Boattail Sportster
 1930 Talbot Lago Royal Coupe
 1931 Daimler V12
 1931 Duesenberg Model J 4 Door Phaeton
 1932 Buick with a DanishSedan Body
 1932 Buick with a DanishSedan Body
 1932 Buick with a DanishSedan Body
 1932 S-S H6C by Vanvooren
 1934 Bugatti Type 49 4 Door Sedan
 1934 Bugatti Type 49 by Gangloff
 1934 MG PA Aerline Body
 1935 Bugatti by Worblaufen
 1935 H-S Saloon
 1936 Audi Type 225
 1936 Bugatti Electron Atlantic
 1936 Bugatti Type 57S
 1936 Delage Saloon
 1936 Panhard Panaramic
 1937 Panhard Dynamic
 1937 Pierce-Arrow Model 1701
 1948 Talbot-Lago by Saoutchik
 Alfa Romeo 1750
 Alfa Romeo by Farina
 BMW Isetta
 BMW Isetta
 BMW Isetta
 BMW Isetta
 BMW Isetta
 Bugatti Type 43 110 Mph
 Bugatti Type 44 2Door Sports Saloon
 Bugatti Type 44 Coupe
 Bugatti Type 40 Roadster
Mercedes Cabriolet Van DePlas
1960  NSU Prinz

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